indo slot 88 Funny

  I rarely check my website stats, but there was a spike that started Sunday and continued through Monday. I checked into where the hits were coming from, wanting to thank whoever had hooked me up and make sure I reciprocated. Alas, 42% of the hits were from google searches looking for information about Phil […]

NETELLER pulls out of U.S. Pragmatic Play market

  The biggest middleman in all of online poker payment processing has caved under the pressure of the U.S. government’s continued jackbooting. Following the arrest of NETELLER’s founders, John David Lefebvre and Stephen Eric Lawrence, the publicly traded NETELLER decided to pull the plug on its American business. Regarding the arrests, NETELLER issued a press […]

Online Poker: bitcoin casinos for us players Wins at Sunday Million

  PokerStars held its monthly $500 buy-in (with $30 entry fee) version of its Sunday Million tournament last night, and 2,617 entrants tried their luck, generating a total prize pool of $1,308,500. The first-place finisher of the event stood to pocket almost a quarter of a million dollars. The $500 buy-in version of the event […]

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