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Hello DominoQQ betting pal, with this kind of wonderful opportunity we can share with you many information related to online card gambling. For those of you that have not been surpass to know the ins and outs from the online game of jud. so we all can tell in some sort of way the main points of just what an online gaming match system like holdem poker is usually not a little around demand simply by Indonesian citizens and even the planet. Now discussing about the texas holdem card itself that creates people interested in that from the section of the game that will be able to be enjoyed anywhere, still for this time period you can enjoy this activity just by using typically the Android mobile phone / iOS cell phone phone which you have. a latest creativity from developers associated with gambling service providers who else anticipate members to have fun with perfectly & safely.

So what could be the DominoQQ wagering game much like? DominoQQ wagering itself is often a card playing game the fact that uses 52 cards together with combinations as well as pictures the fact that pair finished, meaning that out of this video game program there is a new closing purpose that need to be achieved by every single participant. Each in the texas holdem table itself consists of 6-8 people plus there is anyone who also plays a role as a town. each game of the video game just about all players have the exact same chance to be the first player to start out the gamble. Now more descriptive news can easily listen closely to our article with the beginning.

for this document we can only provide tips as to what exactly are the tricks to be able to join an on the net poker gambling agent on typically the internet, since in fact there are still certainly not very couple of rookie players who great distress inside choosing world wide web poker of which can be recognized and also procedures for registering on their own. just be simultaneous check out the overview below. Guidelines for

Select Dominoqq Poker wagering website

the first facet you need to employ before deciding to experience poker on the world wide web would be to choose a web that is indeed capable of currently being identified, web poker that can be identified provides official characteristics such as certainly not a few players or members, has a particular license, various interesting activities, appealing web appearance and the age of the web which usually has been recently really lengthy. From these characteristics you could guarantee the poker web site that you simply choose can be recognized collectively well.

couple of. Setting up earth’s most active consideration

Before you register as a participant, there is the factor you need to prepare will be an active account of which will later be applied for the transaction procedure both put in & distance themself funds. why use a great account? because just for this period the whole web merely provides transfer support by means of a good account not having paypal, & other monthly payment programs.


Flop Turn River slot onlain

The folks at Flop Turn River asked me to let you know a bit more about their website. Flop Turn river is a slot onlain community with over 6,000 members that have posted nearly 600,000 posts in the Poker Forum. The site is laid out well, and you can find a great deal of information right on the front page – major announcements about tournaments, the latest forum posts, poker room ratings, and poker bonus listings. If you are new to poker, these community sites are a great way to learn Texas Holdem Strategy, and build a network of online friends to help you learn the game.

The Full Tilt Bonus is available on one of the most thorough reviews of a poker room I’ve ever read. Anything you want to know about what playing poker is like on Full Tilt will be covered here.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to play for real money, or your experience is limited to only the major poker rooms, you will be interested in their list of No Deposit Bonus poker sites and casinos. These bonuses are available to new players, and you are given just enough money to start playing. Great for someone that wants to try a new site without waiting to make their deposits, or keeping their risk to zilch while trying out the new site.

Finally, there is a strong section on Poker Tells. While the online game is pretty much immune to physical tells, there are behavioral tells and getting in the right frame of mind to watch for them is critical. Additionally, many of us play live and it’s impossible to pick up on every little tell of every person at the table without a considerable amount of experience and time spent playing that person. I have people I played with for 10 years and was still spotting tells the last time I played them. So, it’s critical to know what to look for and have your mind right for observation.

Flop Turn River is a long-established poker community and strategy site, started back in 2003. It’s impossible to do it justice in a single blog post, so please head over there and check for yourselves.

I got your luckbox right here

So, our office did one of those Christmas exchanges where you chose something at random from under the tree, or you could take a present someone already opened. The first present was 10 lottery scratch-offs. I was the second-to-last to choose, and I grabbed it instead of picking the beers-of-the-world left under the tree.

Then, to torture the rest of my work-mates, I scratched them off at the rate of one ticket every 2 hours. After cashing in the free tickets I’d won, I wound up $18 ahead.

How sick is it that I was more excited about that $18 than any other Christmas present?…

indo slot 88 Funny


I rarely check my website stats, but there was a spike that started Sunday and continued through Monday. I checked into where the hits were coming from, wanting to thank whoever had hooked me up and make sure I reciprocated.

Alas, 42% of the hits were from google searches looking for information about Phil Mickelson’s illegitimate child. Ahhh, The Master’s….

Ok, to save you time, here’s what I know:


The first time I heard the rumor it was through the same google search strings on my hits after the last major Phil won. And the only reason those came to me was because I once posted a rumor I’d heard about Lefty and his wife being in deep with the Vegas casinos for a mid-7-figure number, and this being the reason for switching his club endorsement deal the week before the Ryder’s cup.

Again, just a rumor. I think I got it second-hand off some nationally syndicated sports radio show. And posted it here only because my normal readers might find a story of such a huge casino loss interesting.

Anyway, I hope Phil keeps up his winning ways. It’s good for traffic.

I wonder what would happen if I posted a rumor I heard about Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera’s bathroom catfight after the Grammy’s a few years back….? 😉

indo slot 88 kicked my ass last week. First losing week in a long time. Not TOO bad, but bad enough. Most of the week, I was playing well and getting my money in good but getting drawn out on. Over the weekend, I think I might have been pushing too much, trying to make something happen even when I wasn’t getting good cards. Instead of waiting for a hand, I was trying to be creative.

I should know by now not to do that.

This morning started off with more of the same, getting crushed playing 6-max limit, then settling in to play a few 45-seat MTTs for the challenge. By then, I knew I was pushing too hard, so I got back in my game.

3 bustouts, 2 on bad beats. The third was a final-table bubble play on the only guy that could bust me when I pushed with A8s and got called by AJo.

But, I felt like I played pretty well, so I stepped back into my turbo SNGs and played a good solid game. There was one player at the table that I knew was a huge fish, having lost something like $20K in SNGs alone in the last few months. Four-handed, I had a big chiplead and he was the shortstack. Normally, I try to attack who I think is the weakest player in this spot, regardless of chipstack, but I knew the other two players were very solid from previous games so I wanted to see if I could engineer a heads-up match with the weak player. He was on my immediate left, so I just folded my small blind to him for a couple of orbits while changing gears alot and doing alot of attacking on the middle stacks. I got my wish and went heads-up with the fish with a 5:1 advantage and blinds only at 100/200.

He folded alot. I mean, ALOT. Any sign of aggression and I knew he had me beat, so I’d just fold. This kept up through several dozen hands – I raise, he folds; he folds his SB; or he raises, I fold.

He managed to get a slight chiplead on a draw-out, but he had two live cards and the blinds had gotten very high at that point, so I can’t begrudge him that. I took him down the next hand, though, when i picked up JJ to beat his KJ and leave him with an M of 1. After a much longer and more difficult heads-up match than I’d anticipated, I finally managed the win.


By the way, is there any smell more distinctive than stripper funk?

Baby powder, cheap perfume, and the dried spunk of the guys that came during their previous lap dances.

I’m just saying…

Anybody else missing Pauly?


Summer Jackpots from Titan slot online


Titan Poker invite their players to party on and seek their fortunes this Summer with exciting promotions where they will find $125,000+ up for grabs. These Summer Jackpots will only be running until the end of August so make the most of them whilst they’re available, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Are you Ready for the Races?

There are two separate race periods and the action only takes place Mondays to Thursdays

12th to 29th July then

2nd to 26th August

The $20,000 Monthly Summer Race

The top 50 players with the highest average daily score during the whole month will share a massive $20,000. Every day counts!

The $5,000 Weekly Summer Race

If players finish in the top 10 in the daily races for 4 consecutive playing days (Monday to Thursday) they will win $500 each. That means that $5,000 is up for grabs in this promo, if this is not all used up then it will go into the Super Side Pot.

Super Side Pot

This is weekly jackpot money that is NOT won!

If you finish at least 7 times in a three week period (12 days play = 3 weeks @ 4 days per week) or 10 times (16 days play = 4 weeks @ 4 days a week) in the top ten the you get to share the Super Side Pot!

Note: A share in the Super Side Pot is not available to winners of the $5,000 Weekly Jackpot.

Sit n Go Players get to break into Fort Knox

A minimum $50,000 prize is awaiting the players who can win six in a row ‘Fort Knox Jackpot six players sit n go’s’ – simples!

That’s not all from Titan, finish in 1st or 2nd place in six in a row ‘Fort Knox Jackpot six players sit n go’s’ and you’ll be richer by $750, excellent news!

Titan Double – Progressive Jackpot Operating!

Get in on the action by registering for both Tournaments every night!

8.35pm UK (3.35pm New York) buy in $6

8.40pm UK (3.40pm New York) buy in $6

The Jackpot starts at $1,000 then just you see how fast it grows with $0.50 being added with each player registration. Prize money not won will be rolled over to the Titan Double Progressive jackpot – cool! If you are skilled or indeed lucky enough to finish in the top 3 in both tournaments you will be given $300 for being so clever!

Brilliant promos from a truly brilliant online poker room – Titan The heat is definitely on from now until the end of August so, get comfy and get playing your best poker on your favourite Titan Poker!

New to Titan? You are in for a treat!

Take a look at our Titan Poker Review and our Titan slot online Bonus Code page for all you need to know about playing poker at Titan Poker. To be entitled to the maximum bonus of 150% up to $500 plus $25 free you must use the exclusive Titan Poker Bonus Code VIPTITAN. These summer promotions are so cool, make sure you’re part of them!! 😀…

NETELLER pulls out of U.S. Pragmatic Play market


The biggest middleman in all of online poker payment processing has caved under the pressure of the U.S. government’s continued jackbooting. Following the arrest of NETELLER’s founders, John David Lefebvre and Stephen Eric Lawrence, the publicly traded NETELLER decided to pull the plug on its American business.

Regarding the arrests, NETELLER issued a press release in an attempt to calm shareholders. It read in part, “Other than as shareholders, neither Mr Lawrence nor Mr Lefebvre has any current position with or connection to NETELLER.”

Less than 48 hours passed before the other shoe fell and American customers were left barefoot. Just hours ago, NETELLER updated its website to read (our emphasis):

“The US government has recently introduced new legislation in the form of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. To best protect the interests of NETELLER members, employees, shareholders and business partners, NETELLER will no longer provide service to US members to transfer funds to and from online gambling merchants.”

The full text of the NETeller Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. members can be read here.

Here are the lowlights. The following is the actual language from the NETELLER site. We make no claims about its veracity.


Can I still use my NETELLER account?

Yes. All US members and non-US members will continue to be able to use their NETELLER e-wallet account for safe online transfers to and from non-gambling merchants, secure peer-to-peer transfers and NETELLER Card withdrawals at ATMs around the world.

Does this change affect withdrawals with NETELLER?

US members who currently have funds in their e-wallet account may keep their funds safe in their account or are free to make withdrawals at any time they choose with a NETELLER Card. US members are not required to withdraw their funds from their Pragmatic Play account.

What’s the quickest and most convenient way to withdraw funds from my NETELLER account?

The NETELLER Card is the quickest and most convenient withdrawal option. When you transfer funds from your NETELLER e-wallet account to your NETELLER Card, you can withdraw those funds from any ATM cash machine on the Cirrus/Maestro network and Pulse Star network, depending on your country of residence. You will have to pay a nominal fee for NETELLER Card withdrawals, but your funds will be available from 15 minutes to an hour after they are transferred to your card.

Is my money safe in my NETELLER account?

Yes, your money is safe with NETELLER. All members can hold their funds safely in their NETELLER accounts until such time as they decide to move the funds. The changes in gambling merchant transfers do not affect the ability of US member to maintain funds in their NETELER e-wallet accounts.

NETELLER protects all members’ funds (all deposited, in-transit and un-cleared funds) by holding the value in independent trust accounts. As the largest independent online money transfer business in the world, we maintain our head office in Europe and are a publicly quoted company on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. NETELLER UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Am I required to withdraw my money from NETELLER?

No, there is no requirement for US members to withdraw their funds from their e-wallet accounts. US members will still be able to use their NETELLER e-wallet accounts for safe online transactions to non-gambling merchants, secure peer-to-peer transfers and instant payouts with the NETELLER Card.

Does this change affect non-US members?

No, NETELLER customers with registered addresses outside of the US will not be affected by these changes. The company will continue to operate its non-US business as normal, maintaining all existing products, services, customer and merchant support across all the other countries it currently serves.

How can US members find out about changes to their NETELLER services?

NETELLER will continue to notify you of any pertinent changes to your service. All members will continue to have access to this FAQ site for answers to the most commonly asked questions, but members can also register to receive all NETELLER press releases, by signing up for our e-news alert service.

I am a US resident. Can I still become a NETELLER member?

No. We have temporarily suspended the ability for US residents to create a NETELLER e-wallet account.

Why were the founders of your company arrested?

Although we can confirm that Steve Lawrence and John Lefebvre were detained separately while in the United States, we do not know the details surrounding the detention and cannot provide more clarification. We can confirm that both individuals are no longer employees or board members of NETELLER and have not been involved in the day-to-day running of the company for a number of years.…

The Texas sanghoki of Golf


This is pretty cool. We all know that the World Series of sanghoki is a great chance for any amateur player to bust out some moves and walk away with millions in prize money, so someone decided that the World Series of Golf was an equally cool idea. That someone was right.

Well, Golf requires some pretty intense physical skills, and one needs to at least have some skill with a club to have a shot at the title. However, a bunch of poker pros with a heap of spare time on their hands – including Daniel Negreanu, Allen Cunningham and Phil Ivey – will be competing.

It’s a $10,000 buy-in event, and each player starts with 10,000 chips. As a no-limit event, players can bet, raise, fold or go all-in on their particular shots. For example, Cunningham and Negreanu may be involved in a pot where both players have made it to the green. Cunningham may be closer to the flag, but Negreanu may consider himself a better putter and raise his bet.

The top 25 places are paid, and it’s good to see various game mechanics from poker can be implemented successfully in other sports. If you happen to be in Vegas, head over to the Paiute Golf Resort and check out some of the action!

Poker videos at Carbon

Starting very shortly, we will be introducing new media to the community here at CarbonPoker. The success of poker in recent years was assisted greatly by the popularity of televised poker, so we thought it’s high time to start making some great poker videos accessible right here at our own site!

We have a number of cool new features in the works for video content, so players can enjoy the glory of the poker spotlight while still hitting the tables hard. The plan is to make your secure Player Admin a central hub for video content, where you can check out a whole bunch of online and live action.

For starters, every player should be aware of High Stakes Poker, a televised cash game starring some of the biggest names in the poker world. With pots skyrocketing to hundreds of thousands of real dollars, it is one of the most popular poker shows in the world. Those who haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, here’s the very first episode from Season 1. Enjoy!

WSOP TV schedule released

The WSOP Main Event final table is being delayed until November, and ESPN is sorting out all its television coverage to culminate in the (almost) live final table on November 11th.

Basically, players can enjoy all the fun of the World Series and win boatloads of cash, then watch the TV coverage soon after the events come to a close. The Main Event will start at the usual date, but conclude when the final table is set and break for over three months. During this time, regular WSOP coverage will air, including the first several days of the Main Event.…

Online Poker: bitcoin casinos for us players Wins at Sunday Million


PokerStars held its monthly $500 buy-in (with $30 entry fee) version of its Sunday Million tournament last night, and 2,617 entrants tried their luck, generating a total prize pool of $1,308,500. The first-place finisher of the event stood to pocket almost a quarter of a million dollars. The $500 buy-in version of the event had 2,644 entrants the last time it was held, on Aug. 26, 2007 (a month was skipped for September’s World Championship of Online Poker), meaning the tournament’s attendance has been holding fairly steady.

The final nine players had outlasted 2,608 other entrants, and had earned at least $10,000 for their troubles. It was the top two six-figure prizes that were the real targets here, though, and every player at the table was achingly close to seeing those figures in their bitcoin casinos for us players accounts. In the end, it was only blanconegro and Chris “SlippyJacks” Vaughn left in contention, and they’d each earned their six-digit paydays. SlippyJacks managed to outlast his final opponent to take the biggest chunk of change, the $240,633 top prize.

SlippyJacks’ win is particularly impressive considering he took down the $1 million-guaranteed event on Full Tilt just last Sunday, making this his second win in a Sunday major in as many weeks. His combined winnings for the tournaments come to almost $439,000. He also hopped within arm’s reach of the top-20 spots in the Card Player Online Player of the Year race. (He currently sits in 22nd place with 3,240 points.)

The final results were:

Chris “SlippyJacks” Vaughn — $240,633.15

blanconegro — $122,344.75

forcewithme9 — $80,996.15

PerPer — $66,733.50

yeamanyeaman — $53,648.50

LuckyLady519 — $40,563.50

domingo32 — $28,525.30

MrKorvOla — $18,057.30

Hasn82 — $10,468

Poker probability (Texas hold ‘em)In poker, the probability of many events can be determined by direct calculation. This article discusses how to compute the probabilities for many commonly occurring events in the game of Texas hold ‘em and provides some probabilities and odds for specific situations. In most cases, the probabilities and odds are approximations due to rounding.

When calculating probabilities for a card game such as Texas Hold ‘em, there are two basic approaches.

  1. Determine the number of outcomes that satisfy the condition being evaluated and divide this by the total number of possible outcomes. For example, there are six outcomes (ignoring order) for being dealt a pair of aces in Hold’ em: {A♣, A♥}, {A♠, A♦}, {A♠, A♣}, {A♥, A♦}, {A♥, A♠}, and {A♦, A♣}. There are 52 ways to pick the first card and 51 ways to pick the second card and two ways to order the two cards yielding 52 × 51 ÷ 2 = 1,326 possible outcomes of being dealt two cards (also ignoring order). This gives a probability of being dealt two aces of \begin{matrix} \frac{6}{1326} = \frac{1}{221} \end{matrix}.
  2. Use conditional probabilities, or in more complex situations, a decision tree. There are 4 ways to be dealt an ace out of 52 choices for the first card resulting in a probability of \begin{matrix} \frac{4}{52} = \frac{1}{13} \end{matrix}. There are 3 ways of getting dealt an ace out of 51 choices on the second card after being dealt an ace on the first card for a probability of \begin{matrix} \frac{3}{51} = \frac{1}{17} \end{matrix}. The conditional probability of being dealt two aces is the product of the two probabilities: \begin{matrix} \frac{1}{13} \times \frac{1}{17} = \frac{1}{221} \end{matrix}. (Note that in this case the total is not divided by 2 ways of ordering the cards because both cards must be an ace. Reordering would still require the first and second cards to be an ace, so there is only one way to order the two cards.)

Often, the key to determining probability is selecting the best approach for a given problem. This article uses both of these approaches.…

The Best sbo Poker Rooms in Vegas


In July of last year, I was working on my first (um… and only) article for All In Magazine and I asked you for advice on the Best sbo Poker Rooms in Vegas. Thanks to that entry, I rank third in Google for searches for Vegas’ Best Poker Rooms.

Unfortunately, I don’t provide any valuable information there, and I’d like to correct that by really giving my readers what they want. That’s where you come in. Now’s your chance for a guest column on Up For Poker. Write a poker room review and email it to me. I’ll post the best reviews. And if you have a blog of your own, I’ll link back to your blog with your review.

So get writing (no too long) and send an email to pagemaster –@– upforanything -DOT- net.

Sharks and butt-trouble

If I had more time to write, I’d go all Mean Gene on this. Instead, just a blurb:

I’m one who fully believes the concept of jumping the shark has long ago jumped the shark. In fact, the idea that poker jumped the shark about the first time someone used the phrase jumped the shark and poker together. That said…

On a return trip from the kid’s daycare, I heard a radio commercial based at a Poker Championship. The protagonist had a big problem…how to concentrate on his cards with all that itching and swelling going on.

Yep… a poker commercial for Preparation-H medicated singles.

Did I Just Burn This Site?

On the advice of blogger-extraordinaire Wil Wheaton, I’ve installed FeedBurner as Up For Poker’s feed service. In doing so, I may have screwed up everyone’s feeds, so let me know and I’ll try and fix it. Thanks.

It’s An Ugly Game

Is there a more brutal game than Razz? I goaded Bad Blood into joining me for a Full Tilt $5 Razz tourney that started at 11pm ET. Bad news for both of us who need sleep, but we both played. I, as expected, busted out early. Bad Blood was the chip leader with 7 left. Then he hit two brutal hands, losing more than half his stack on the river on the first one. And then this one, which he went all-in on early:


Yeah, that’s a boat. Think he gets a boat at the final table if it’s Stud instead of Razz??? What an ugly game……

먹튀검증사이트SCOOP 2010 Event 22 Results

Many players enjoy playing six-max tables over full-ring. There are more chances to raise as players are in position more often. Marginal hands increase in value as does the action from all players. However, some players just don’t feel six-max is loose enough. These players seek a happy medium between six-max and heads-up poker. The PokerStars SCOOP Event 22 is perfect for these types of players: a four-max No Limit Hold’em tournament. As with all SCOOP events, Event 22 was split into three separate tournaments, the low, medium, and high, with three different buy-ins, $33, $320, and $3,150.

A total of 6,695 players entered the low buy-in event to create a prize pool over $200,000. The final four came down to robot_werter, khanrava, ThoboyJPG, and orange6 with 7,976,739, 17,328,775, 3,537,013, and 4,632,473 chips, respectively. The first elimination came as ThoboyJPG shoved for 1.6 million chips from the small blind with As3s. orange6 made the easy call with pocket queens and ThoboyJPG was out of the tournament. The next knockout came a mere six hands later and was, again, at the hands of orange6. Robot_werter raised to 300,000 with pocket queens and orange6 called out of position with As3h. 먹튀검증사이트 The 9h3d3s flop was just what orange6 wished for and spelled trouble for robot_werter. Orange6 check-called the flop for 445,000, then check-raised robot_werter’s 1,000,000 chip turn bet to 7.4 million chips, putting robot_werter all-in. Robot_werter called, saw the bad news, the river bricked, and the tournament saw one more knockout. During the second break of heads-up play, khanrava and orange6 agreed on a chop that would guarantee khanrava $22,096.10 and orange6 $19,096.09. The players proceeded to play for $3,000, a SCOOP watch, and the Event 22 title. The knockout blow was dealt by orange6, again, as his AdQh beat khanrava’s AsTh as the chips went all-in preflop.

The medium buy-in event drew 1,440 four-max players and its prize pool reached $432,000. Top poker professionals took a shot at the tournament including Vanessa Rousso, ElkY, and Barry Greenstein. The final four was composed of djdecide, Roxx Box, leguito, and Jan Heitmann. The first to go was djdecide as he cold four-bet shoved Jan Heitmann’s three-bet. The original raiser (Roxx Box) folded but Jan Heitmann called with KsKd. Djdecide and his AcQd needed an ace to continue his tournament run. Unfortunately, the 5h4h2d5c9s board was aceless and djdecide left in fourth place, $20,520 richer. However, Heitmann was the next to go as his AdJs succumbed to Roxx Box’s pocket kings. He received $29,160 for his third place finish. Roxx Box continued his domination and won the tournament when his AhQd beat leguito’s As5c all-in preflop. Leguito won $42,120 while Roxx Box took the SCOOP title and $68,040.

The high buy-in tournament of any SCOOP event is usually considered the main event. Event 22 is no different. With a buy-in of $3,150, only 280 players entered the tournament looking to be the best of the best four-max players. The prize pool reached $840,000 and the top 36 players would win cash. First place would win a huge $210,000 payday. Some poker professionals made the money as Victor Ramdin and Vanessa Rousso placed 15th and 14th, respectively. Squee451, 4rebmun, lb6121, and gboro780 took to the final table after thirteen and a half hours of play. Only forty minutes into the final table, the first player would be knocked out. 4rebmun raised on the button to 9,000 and lb6121 reraised all-in for 110,537. 4rebmun called and showed ace-king against lb6121’s pocket nines. Lb6121 seemed to be in good hands as the flop came Qd3s3c. Unfortunately, the turn was a Ah and the river was a 8h. Lb6121 was gone in fourth place. Steve “gboro780” Gross was the next to go as pocket nines lost another race, this time to squee451’s KhQd. Squee451 won the heads-up contest by winning the tournament’s final five hands. The final hand of the tournament was a bad beat as 4rebmun’s AdQd lost to squee451’s Ah6h. The board came out 9h2s9s5hQh and squee451 rivered his nut-flush. The $210,000 prize was his and 4rebmun had to settle for $134,000.

Make sure you keep up with FlopTurnRiver and the PokerStars SCOOP Events. Good luck to all players looking to enter the tournaments!…

Event 12, with the third largest guaranteed 토토 꽁머니


pool of this season’s Full Tilt Poker토토 꽁머 , got underway last night at 21:00 ET.  The $1,000 + $60 No Limit Hold’em Second Chance tournament brought out 1,630 hopefuls, helping the prize pool to sweep past the $1.5 million guarantee to a whopping $1,630,000!  Players that busted within the first two hours of the tournament were given the mercy of a second chance, one 5000 chip rebuy for free!  Nine hundred seventy-two players took advantage of the rebuy.  In the end, only one could claim the title and that winner was Steve Silverman, better known as “Zugwat.”

Young and rising poker pro Nick Schulman hosted the event.  This pro’s continued success is marked by several notable wins, including the 2005 WPT World Poker Finals at Foxwoods for $2.1 million.  He had just turned 21, making him the youngest winner of a WPT event.  He has also cashed in four World Series of Poker events, placed second at the 2007 WPT $10K No-Limit Hold ‘em at Foxwoods, and accquired over $3.3 million in tournament earnings.  However, all of Schulman’s past success and experience didn’t hold out for him time.  Nick Schulman busted out before making the money in 538th place.

Forty-five other red pros showed up for the event, including Allen Cunningham, Ryan Daut, Huckleberry Seed, David Pham, Scott Fischman, Jared Hamby, Matt Hawrilenko, and Chau Giang.  Of the forty-five, only four made it into the money.  Jared Hamby, also known as “TheWackoKidd,” made the deepest run, finishing in 100th place for $2,282.

No one, however, could keep up with Zugwat.  Zugwat, a champion known throughout several different poker sites, took down the event for a total of $350,450!  Not bad at all!

Full Tilt kept their FTOPS series going strong last night with their largest guarantee of the tournament so far.  Event #10 was a $300 + $22 No Limit Hold’em event in which each player started with a “Super Stack” of 5,000 chips.  The guarantee for this tournament was a healthy $1.5 million, which was covered easily as 5,325 players enrolled for this event, creating a final prize pool of $1,597,500.

John Phan was the host of Event 10.  Phan of course had a “pretty good” 2008, winning 2 World Series of Poker bracelets (1 in the $3,000 NL Hold’em event and the other in the $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw event).  His nice run continued in ’08 as he final tabled the World Poker Tour’s $15k buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event and went on to capture the top spot in the WPT Legends of Poker Main Event.  That one was a $9,500 buy-in NL HE event.  In addition to quickly becoming one of the most feared tournament players in the world, Phan was named the 2008 Player of the Year by both Bluff and Card Player.

Joining Phan to represent Full Tilt were 49 fellow Red Pros, including Mike Matusow, Scott Fischman,  Huck Seed, David Singer, Allen Cunningham, and Chris Ferguson.  Ferguson happened to be the first Red Pro to get knocked out of this tournament, but not many of his fellow pros were much more fortunate.  In fact, of the 50, only 9 were able to make the money.  Roy Winston was the top Red Pro for this event, finishing up at 17th, for a win of $7,827.75.

The winner for Event 10 in this year’s FTOPS was gboro780, who was able to outlast the large field and was rewarded nicely for the effort – $275,600.70.  In all, 738 players made the money as John Phan and Full Tilt closed out another great FTOPS XI event.  Here was the final table and payouts:…

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