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The Texas sanghoki of Golf


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This is pretty cool. We all know that the World Series of sanghoki is a great chance for any amateur player to bust out some moves and walk away with millions in prize money, so someone decided that the World Series of Golf was an equally cool idea. That someone was right.

Well, Golf requires some pretty intense physical skills, and one needs to at least have some skill with a club to have a shot at the title. However, a bunch of poker pros with a heap of spare time on their hands – including Daniel Negreanu, Allen Cunningham and Phil Ivey – will be competing.

It’s a $10,000 buy-in event, and each player starts with 10,000 chips. As a no-limit event, players can bet, raise, fold or go all-in on their particular shots. For example, Cunningham and Negreanu may be involved in a pot where both players have made it to the green. Cunningham may be closer to the flag, but Negreanu may consider himself a better putter and raise his bet.

The top 25 places are paid, and it’s good to see various game mechanics from poker can be implemented successfully in other sports. If you happen to be in Vegas, head over to the Paiute Golf Resort and check out some of the action!

Poker videos at Carbon

Starting very shortly, we will be introducing new media to the community here at CarbonPoker. The success of poker in recent years was assisted greatly by the popularity of televised poker, so we thought it’s high time to start making some great poker videos accessible right here at our own site!

We have a number of cool new features in the works for video content, so players can enjoy the glory of the poker spotlight while still hitting the tables hard. The plan is to make your secure Player Admin a central hub for video content, where you can check out a whole bunch of online and live action.

For starters, every player should be aware of High Stakes Poker, a televised cash game starring some of the biggest names in the poker world. With pots skyrocketing to hundreds of thousands of real dollars, it is one of the most popular poker shows in the world. Those who haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, here’s the very first episode from Season 1. Enjoy!

WSOP TV schedule released

The WSOP Main Event final table is being delayed until November, and ESPN is sorting out all its television coverage to culminate in the (almost) live final table on November 11th.

Basically, players can enjoy all the fun of the World Series and win boatloads of cash, then watch the TV coverage soon after the events come to a close. The Main Event will start at the usual date, but conclude when the final table is set and break for over three months. During this time, regular WSOP coverage will air, including the first several days of the Main Event.

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