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I rarely check my website stats, but there was a spike that started Sunday and continued through Monday. I checked into where the hits were coming from, wanting to thank whoever had hooked me up and make sure I reciprocated.

Alas, 42% of the hits were from google searches looking for information about Phil Mickelson’s illegitimate child. Ahhh, The Master’s….

Ok, to save you time, here’s what I know:


The first time I heard the rumor it was through the same google search strings on my hits after the last major Phil won. And the only reason those came to me was because I once posted a rumor I’d heard about Lefty and his wife being in deep with the Vegas casinos for a mid-7-figure number, and this being the reason for switching his club endorsement deal the week before the Ryder’s cup.

Again, just a rumor. I think I got it second-hand off some nationally syndicated sports radio show. And posted it here only because my normal readers might find a story of such a huge casino loss interesting.

Anyway, I hope Phil keeps up his winning ways. It’s good for traffic.

I wonder what would happen if I posted a rumor I heard about Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera’s bathroom catfight after the Grammy’s a few years back….? 😉

indo slot 88 kicked my ass last week. First losing week in a long time. Not TOO bad, but bad enough. Most of the week, I was playing well and getting my money in good but getting drawn out on. Over the weekend, I think I might have been pushing too much, trying to make something happen even when I wasn’t getting good cards. Instead of waiting for a hand, I was trying to be creative.

I should know by now not to do that.

This morning started off with more of the same, getting crushed playing 6-max limit, then settling in to play a few 45-seat MTTs for the challenge. By then, I knew I was pushing too hard, so I got back in my game.

3 bustouts, 2 on bad beats. The third was a final-table bubble play on the only guy that could bust me when I pushed with A8s and got called by AJo.

But, I felt like I played pretty well, so I stepped back into my turbo SNGs and played a good solid game. There was one player at the table that I knew was a huge fish, having lost something like $20K in SNGs alone in the last few months. Four-handed, I had a big chiplead and he was the shortstack. Normally, I try to attack who I think is the weakest player in this spot, regardless of chipstack, but I knew the other two players were very solid from previous games so I wanted to see if I could engineer a heads-up match with the weak player. He was on my immediate left, so I just folded my small blind to him for a couple of orbits while changing gears alot and doing alot of attacking on the middle stacks. I got my wish and went heads-up with the fish with a 5:1 advantage and blinds only at 100/200.

He folded alot. I mean, ALOT. Any sign of aggression and I knew he had me beat, so I’d just fold. This kept up through several dozen hands – I raise, he folds; he folds his SB; or he raises, I fold.

He managed to get a slight chiplead on a draw-out, but he had two live cards and the blinds had gotten very high at that point, so I can’t begrudge him that. I took him down the next hand, though, when i picked up JJ to beat his KJ and leave him with an M of 1. After a much longer and more difficult heads-up match than I’d anticipated, I finally managed the win.


By the way, is there any smell more distinctive than stripper funk?

Baby powder, cheap perfume, and the dried spunk of the guys that came during their previous lap dances.

I’m just saying…

Anybody else missing Pauly?


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