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The folks at Flop Turn River asked me to let you know a bit more about their website. Flop Turn river is a slot onlain community with over 6,000 members that have posted nearly 600,000 posts in the Poker Forum. The site is laid out well, and you can find a great deal of information right on the front page – major announcements about tournaments, the latest forum posts, poker room ratings, and poker bonus listings. If you are new to poker, these community sites are a great way to learn Texas Holdem Strategy, and build a network of online friends to help you learn the game.

The Full Tilt Bonus is available on one of the most thorough reviews of a poker room I’ve ever read. Anything you want to know about what playing poker is like on Full Tilt will be covered here.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to play for real money, or your experience is limited to only the major poker rooms, you will be interested in their list of No Deposit Bonus poker sites and casinos. These bonuses are available to new players, and you are given just enough money to start playing. Great for someone that wants to try a new site without waiting to make their deposits, or keeping their risk to zilch while trying out the new site.

Finally, there is a strong section on Poker Tells. While the online game is pretty much immune to physical tells, there are behavioral tells and getting in the right frame of mind to watch for them is critical. Additionally, many of us play live and it’s impossible to pick up on every little tell of every person at the table without a considerable amount of experience and time spent playing that person. I have people I played with for 10 years and was still spotting tells the last time I played them. So, it’s critical to know what to look for and have your mind right for observation.

Flop Turn River is a long-established poker community and strategy site, started back in 2003. It’s impossible to do it justice in a single blog post, so please head over there and check for yourselves.

I got your luckbox right here

So, our office did one of those Christmas exchanges where you chose something at random from under the tree, or you could take a present someone already opened. The first present was 10 lottery scratch-offs. I was the second-to-last to choose, and I grabbed it instead of picking the beers-of-the-world left under the tree.

Then, to torture the rest of my work-mates, I scratched them off at the rate of one ticket every 2 hours. After cashing in the free tickets I’d won, I wound up $18 ahead.

How sick is it that I was more excited about that $18 than any other Christmas present?

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