먹튀검증사이트SCOOP 2010 Event 22 Results

Many players enjoy playing six-max tables over full-ring. There are more chances to raise as players are in position more often. Marginal hands increase in value as does the action from all players. However, some players just don’t feel six-max is loose enough. These players seek a happy medium between six-max and heads-up poker. The PokerStars SCOOP Event 22 is perfect for these types of players: a four-max No Limit Hold’em tournament. As with all SCOOP events, Event 22 was split into three separate tournaments, the low, medium, and high, with three different buy-ins, $33, $320, and $3,150.

A total of 6,695 players entered the low buy-in event to create a prize pool over $200,000. The final four came down to robot_werter, khanrava, ThoboyJPG, and orange6 with 7,976,739, 17,328,775, 3,537,013, and 4,632,473 chips, respectively. The first elimination came as ThoboyJPG shoved for 1.6 million chips from the small blind with As3s. orange6 made the easy call with pocket queens and ThoboyJPG was out of the tournament. The next knockout came a mere six hands later and was, again, at the hands of orange6. Robot_werter raised to 300,000 with pocket queens and orange6 called out of position with As3h. 먹튀검증사이트 The 9h3d3s flop was just what orange6 wished for and spelled trouble for robot_werter. Orange6 check-called the flop for 445,000, then check-raised robot_werter’s 1,000,000 chip turn bet to 7.4 million chips, putting robot_werter all-in. Robot_werter called, saw the bad news, the river bricked, and the tournament saw one more knockout. During the second break of heads-up play, khanrava and orange6 agreed on a chop that would guarantee khanrava $22,096.10 and orange6 $19,096.09. The players proceeded to play for $3,000, a SCOOP watch, and the Event 22 title. The knockout blow was dealt by orange6, again, as his AdQh beat khanrava’s AsTh as the chips went all-in preflop.

The medium buy-in event drew 1,440 four-max players and its prize pool reached $432,000. Top poker professionals took a shot at the tournament including Vanessa Rousso, ElkY, and Barry Greenstein. The final four was composed of djdecide, Roxx Box, leguito, and Jan Heitmann. The first to go was djdecide as he cold four-bet shoved Jan Heitmann’s three-bet. The original raiser (Roxx Box) folded but Jan Heitmann called with KsKd. Djdecide and his AcQd needed an ace to continue his tournament run. Unfortunately, the 5h4h2d5c9s board was aceless and djdecide left in fourth place, $20,520 richer. However, Heitmann was the next to go as his AdJs succumbed to Roxx Box’s pocket kings. He received $29,160 for his third place finish. Roxx Box continued his domination and won the tournament when his AhQd beat leguito’s As5c all-in preflop. Leguito won $42,120 while Roxx Box took the SCOOP title and $68,040.

The high buy-in tournament of any SCOOP event is usually considered the main event. Event 22 is no different. With a buy-in of $3,150, only 280 players entered the tournament looking to be the best of the best four-max players. The prize pool reached $840,000 and the top 36 players would win cash. First place would win a huge $210,000 payday. Some poker professionals made the money as Victor Ramdin and Vanessa Rousso placed 15th and 14th, respectively. Squee451, 4rebmun, lb6121, and gboro780 took to the final table after thirteen and a half hours of play. Only forty minutes into the final table, the first player would be knocked out. 4rebmun raised on the button to 9,000 and lb6121 reraised all-in for 110,537. 4rebmun called and showed ace-king against lb6121’s pocket nines. Lb6121 seemed to be in good hands as the flop came Qd3s3c. Unfortunately, the turn was a Ah and the river was a 8h. Lb6121 was gone in fourth place. Steve “gboro780” Gross was the next to go as pocket nines lost another race, this time to squee451’s KhQd. Squee451 won the heads-up contest by winning the tournament’s final five hands. The final hand of the tournament was a bad beat as 4rebmun’s AdQd lost to squee451’s Ah6h. The board came out 9h2s9s5hQh and squee451 rivered his nut-flush. The $210,000 prize was his and 4rebmun had to settle for $134,000.

Make sure you keep up with FlopTurnRiver and the PokerStars SCOOP Events. Good luck to all players looking to enter the tournaments!…

Event 12, with the third largest guaranteed 토토 꽁머니


pool of this season’s Full Tilt Poker토토 꽁머 , got underway last night at 21:00 ET.  The $1,000 + $60 No Limit Hold’em Second Chance tournament brought out 1,630 hopefuls, helping the prize pool to sweep past the $1.5 million guarantee to a whopping $1,630,000!  Players that busted within the first two hours of the tournament were given the mercy of a second chance, one 5000 chip rebuy for free!  Nine hundred seventy-two players took advantage of the rebuy.  In the end, only one could claim the title and that winner was Steve Silverman, better known as “Zugwat.”

Young and rising poker pro Nick Schulman hosted the event.  This pro’s continued success is marked by several notable wins, including the 2005 WPT World Poker Finals at Foxwoods for $2.1 million.  He had just turned 21, making him the youngest winner of a WPT event.  He has also cashed in four World Series of Poker events, placed second at the 2007 WPT $10K No-Limit Hold ‘em at Foxwoods, and accquired over $3.3 million in tournament earnings.  However, all of Schulman’s past success and experience didn’t hold out for him time.  Nick Schulman busted out before making the money in 538th place.

Forty-five other red pros showed up for the event, including Allen Cunningham, Ryan Daut, Huckleberry Seed, David Pham, Scott Fischman, Jared Hamby, Matt Hawrilenko, and Chau Giang.  Of the forty-five, only four made it into the money.  Jared Hamby, also known as “TheWackoKidd,” made the deepest run, finishing in 100th place for $2,282.

No one, however, could keep up with Zugwat.  Zugwat, a champion known throughout several different poker sites, took down the event for a total of $350,450!  Not bad at all!

Full Tilt kept their FTOPS series going strong last night with their largest guarantee of the tournament so far.  Event #10 was a $300 + $22 No Limit Hold’em event in which each player started with a “Super Stack” of 5,000 chips.  The guarantee for this tournament was a healthy $1.5 million, which was covered easily as 5,325 players enrolled for this event, creating a final prize pool of $1,597,500.

John Phan was the host of Event 10.  Phan of course had a “pretty good” 2008, winning 2 World Series of Poker bracelets (1 in the $3,000 NL Hold’em event and the other in the $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw event).  His nice run continued in ’08 as he final tabled the World Poker Tour’s $15k buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event and went on to capture the top spot in the WPT Legends of Poker Main Event.  That one was a $9,500 buy-in NL HE event.  In addition to quickly becoming one of the most feared tournament players in the world, Phan was named the 2008 Player of the Year by both Bluff and Card Player.

Joining Phan to represent Full Tilt were 49 fellow Red Pros, including Mike Matusow, Scott Fischman,  Huck Seed, David Singer, Allen Cunningham, and Chris Ferguson.  Ferguson happened to be the first Red Pro to get knocked out of this tournament, but not many of his fellow pros were much more fortunate.  In fact, of the 50, only 9 were able to make the money.  Roy Winston was the top Red Pro for this event, finishing up at 17th, for a win of $7,827.75.

The winner for Event 10 in this year’s FTOPS was gboro780, who was able to outlast the large field and was rewarded nicely for the effort – $275,600.70.  In all, 738 players made the money as John Phan and Full Tilt closed out another great FTOPS XI event.  Here was the final table and payouts:…

Gambling on TV?

The Casino and Gaming Television network is a new U.S. television network scheduled to launch in 2004, targeting the estimated 50 million Americans who gamble regularly.

The new network is a digital cable and satellite channel with shows such as “Winning Hand,” with poker experts offering tips on the game, and “Dusk ‘Til Dawn,” a tour of night spots in Las Vegas, Monaco and other gambling destinations.

The number of Americans who bet represents a vast potential audience, said David Hawk, co-founder and co-chairman.

More than 50 million Americans made more than 300 million visits to casinos  Slot Gampang Menang last year, Hawk said, citing research conducted for the American Gaming Association.

Other “niche” channels, such as the Golf Channel, have succeeded with a smaller pool to draw from, Hawk said. About 25 million people visited golf courses last year, half the number of casino-goers, he said.

The new channel, being announced Monday, will target the young male crowd, age 21 to 34, which is valuable to advertisers, said Nickolas J. Rhodes, the network’s president and chief executive officer.

Television has been dealing out an increasing number of gambling-themed shows, including Travel Channel’s hit series on the World Poker Tour and the upcoming “Celebrity Poker Showdown” on Bravo.

Still, it remains to be seen whether gambling shows will be successful.

“That’s the ultimate question,” said Bill Carroll, an analyst for Katz Television, a media buying firm. “The marketplace will determine if there really is a need for any of these digital channels that are specially targeted.”

The network, which plans to raise $75 million in operating capital by first quarter 2004, is negotiating carriage deals. The goal is to reach 1 million homes initially and be in at least 20 million homes in four years.

MGM Enters UK Casino Market

According to the Las Vegas Sun, MGM Mirage has entered into a joint venture with a UK entertainment company, Earls Court and Olympia Group, to develop a casino and entertainment complex in the heart of London if the deregulation of gambling proceeds as expected in Britain.

The partnership would transform the Olympia Exhibition Center, a “major icon” in London, into a casino complex with shopping, restaurants and bars. MGM Mirage has not yet calculated its total investment in the project, but the proposal calls for an initial investment of more than 150 million British pounds (about $254 million).

“We are committed to the U.K. and anticipate spending a substantial amount of money in that market if the business conditions are what we hope they will be,” says James Murren,

MGM Mirage’s chief financial officer.

(In May, the company announced it had acquired a stake in a British casino developer, Metro Casinos, with a casino under construction in Bristol.) The London casino is contingent upon the adoption of deregulated gambling laws, a reduction in gaming taxes as part of those proposals and local permit approvals. Analysts have predicted the implementation of new gambling rules by 2005 or 2006.




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