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Through goggles with virtual reality a father saw the birth of his son in another city


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Being four thousand kilometers from his family, an Australian was able to be present at the birth of his son with the help of glasses with virtual reality. A resident of Perth Jays Lark watched the birth of his child in real-time, being in Queensland, says Sydney Morning Herald.

Jace is the only breadwinner in the family. Wanting to earn some money, he signed a contract according to which he had to work in another city. Due to this fact he could not present at the birth. “We were afraid that the authorities will not let Jace to go home shortly before the end of his contract,” – told his wife Alison to reporters.

Then the couple decided to resort to using high-tech as they both very expected the birth of their third child. They contacted Samsung company, which recently launched the sale of the Gear VR headset, and became participants of the pilot project of the company. Jace was given a helmet of virtual reality, and special equipment was installed in the hospital where his wife gave birth. Both parents had headphones and microphones so they could talk. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK

Alison said that she had great help with words of encouragement from her husband, and she felt his presence nearby through the camcorder.

Jays and Alison Lark became heroes of the video, shot by Samsung.

Paparazzi managed to take a picture of the foster daughter of Kate Blanchett

Recently it became known that the British actress Kate Blanchett in early March adopted the girl and became a mother for the fourth time. The paparazzi saw the actress with a baby at the airport in Los Angeles. When the photo hit the media, a spokesman of Kate confirmed this information.

A girl is named Edith Vivian Patricia Upton. Until yesterday, the paparazzi could not take a picture of the baby, but they managed to do it when the actress and her daughter came out of the gym in Sydney.

In a recent interview Kate Blanchett admitted that she “absolutely drugged” with her little daughter. According to the actress, she brought great happiness to her family.

Is Katy Perry pregnant?

Interesting news for fans of American singer Katy Perry. One might even say, it’s the theme for reflection. In her Instagram 30-year-old star has posted a photo showing the gold pendant on a chain around her neck that says “MOM”, which means “mother.”

Subscribers of Katy immediately began to suggest whether or not their favorite ispregnant and from whom. For a long time the singer met with musician John Mayer, but after a year the couple parted. However, after a while the paparazzi have caught Katy and John together, and in the autumn of 2013 at MTV Europe Music Awards 2013 Perry wore a diamond ring on the ring finger of her left hand. And the musician has repeatedly stated that he was ready to marry Katy. It seems that we will soon be waiting for news about the wedding of the singer or pregnancy.

Recall Katy Perry was married to an American comedian Russell Brand, but a year later he filed for divorce.

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