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The Showdown


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Hands end in one of three ways:

One person bets and everyone else folds, one person bets on the final round and at least one person calls, or everybody checks on the final round.

If everybody folds to a bet, the player needs not to show the winning cards and will usually toss them to the dealer face down.

If somebody calls on the end, the person who Judi Bola bet or raised most recently is supposed to immediately show, or “open”, their cards. They may delay doing so in a rude attempt to induce another player to show their hand in impatience, and then muck their own hand if it is not a winner. Don’t do this yourself. Show your hand immediately if you get called.

If you have called a bet, wait for the player to show, then show your own hand if it’s better.

If the final round is checked down, in most card-rooms everyone is supposed to open their hands immediately.

Sometimes everyone will wait for someone else to show first, resulting in a time-wasting deadlock. Break the chain and show your cards.

Most card-rooms give every player at the table the right to see all cards that called to a showdown, even if they are marked as losers. (This helps prevent cheating by team-play.)

If you are extremely curious about a certain hand, ask the dealer to show it to you. It is considered impolite to constantly ask to see losing cards.

As a beginner, you may want to show your hand all the time, since you may have overlooked a winning hand.

What you gain from one such pot will far outweigh any loss due to revealing how you played a particular losing hand.

“Cards speak” at the showdown, meaning that you need not declare the value of your hand. The dealer will look at your cards and decide if you have a winner.


As a final word of caution, it is best to hold on to your winning cards until the dealer pushes you the pot.

A dishonest player might try to steal the pot from you with a despicable trick:

When you bet and all others fold, he may conceal his hand in the hope that you will toss your cards into the muck, whereupon he will call and win the pot.

Raking in the Pot

As you win your first pot, the excitement within you will drive you beyond the realm of rational behavior, and you will immediately lunge to scoop up the precious chips with both arms.

Despite the fact that no other player had done this while you watched, despite the fact that you read here not to do it, you will do it.

Since every dealer has a witty admonition prepared for this moment, maybe it’s all for the best. But next time, let the dealer push it to you, ok?

Touching Cards or Chips

Don’t. Only touch your own cards and chips.

Other players’ chips and cards, discards, board cards, the pot and everything else are off-limits.

Only the dealer touches the cards and pot.







Dealers make their living from tips.


It is customary for the winner of each pot to tip the dealer 50 cents to a dollar, depending on locale and the stakes.


Sometimes you will see players tip several dollars for a big pot or an extremely unlikely suckout.


Sometimes you will see players stiff the dealer if the pot was tiny or split between two players. This is a personal issue, but imitating the other players is a good start.




Correcting Mistakes


Occasionally the dealer or a player may make a mistake, such as miscalling the winning hand at the showdown.


If you are the victim of such a mistake, call it out immediately and do not let the game proceed.


If your opponent is the victim, let your conscience be your guide; many see no ethical dilemma in remaining silent.


If you are not involved in the pot, you must judge the texture of the game to determine whether to speak up.


In general, the higher the stakes, the more likely you should keep your mouth shut.




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