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The Best sbo Poker Rooms in Vegas


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In July of last year, I was working on my first (um… and only) article for All In Magazine and I asked you for advice on the Best sbo Poker Rooms in Vegas. Thanks to that entry, I rank third in Google for searches for Vegas’ Best Poker Rooms.

Unfortunately, I don’t provide any valuable information there, and I’d like to correct that by really giving my readers what they want. That’s where you come in. Now’s your chance for a guest column on Up For Poker. Write a poker room review and email it to me. I’ll post the best reviews. And if you have a blog of your own, I’ll link back to your blog with your review.

So get writing (no too long) and send an email to pagemaster –@– upforanything -DOT- net.

Sharks and butt-trouble

If I had more time to write, I’d go all Mean Gene on this. Instead, just a blurb:

I’m one who fully believes the concept of jumping the shark has long ago jumped the shark. In fact, the idea that poker jumped the shark about the first time someone used the phrase jumped the shark and poker together. That said…

On a return trip from the kid’s daycare, I heard a radio commercial based at a Poker Championship. The protagonist had a big problem…how to concentrate on his cards with all that itching and swelling going on.

Yep… a poker commercial for Preparation-H medicated singles.

Did I Just Burn This Site?

On the advice of blogger-extraordinaire Wil Wheaton, I’ve installed FeedBurner as Up For Poker’s feed service. In doing so, I may have screwed up everyone’s feeds, so let me know and I’ll try and fix it. Thanks.

It’s An Ugly Game

Is there a more brutal game than Razz? I goaded Bad Blood into joining me for a Full Tilt $5 Razz tourney that started at 11pm ET. Bad news for both of us who need sleep, but we both played. I, as expected, busted out early. Bad Blood was the chip leader with 7 left. Then he hit two brutal hands, losing more than half his stack on the river on the first one. And then this one, which he went all-in on early:


Yeah, that’s a boat. Think he gets a boat at the final table if it’s Stud instead of Razz??? What an ugly game…

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