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LAPT Mexico to Continue Online


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It’s been a few months since the PokerStars LAPT Mexico tournament started.  Back in December, 242 entrants paid the $2,500 to play in the tourny, only to have it halted by the gaming commission with 89 players still in the game.

At that time, PokerStars decided to play the tournament online until they got to the final table.  They would then bring all of the players remaining to another location to finish out the tournament live.  In hopes of making amends to the players, PokerStars added $50,000 to the prize pool.  That is what the final table participants would be playing for.

It came down to Americans Rory Cox and Helen Prager as the final two players.  Cox went into heads-up play with a commanding chip lead of nearly 5 to 1.  However, Prager played back and actually took the lead by the time players went to break for dinner.  It was a lead that would not last though.  In the end Cox was able to take down first place and the $15,000 that came with it.  For her second place finish, Prager took home $11,000.

After the unfortunate cancellation of the PokerStars Latin American Poker Tour Mexico event, PokerStars has decided that they will offer the 89 players that were still in the event a chance to finish the tournament.

While the details are still being worked out, it appears that PokerStars is attempting to nail down a fair start time for what they are calling a freeroll.  bitcoin roulette This freeroll will be available to all 89 of the players that were remaining at the cancellation of the tournament.  All players will begin the freeroll with the same chip count that they had at the close of the live event.

When play gets down to the final nine competitors, those players will be flown to Vina del Mar, the LAPT’s stop in Chili, where they will play a televised final table.  PokerStars will also try to make amends for the fiasco by adding more money to the pot.  Sarne Lightman, Director of Marketing for PokerStars Latin America made this statement:  “We know that many of the remaining players wanted the opportunity to finish this tournament and earn their shot at an LAPT title.  Although the tournament was suspended and the prize money distributed, PokerStars still wants to offer the players this extra opportunity.  PokerStars will also be adding $50,000 in prize money to the final table.”

Here’s the final table participants and their winnings:

9th – Victor Ramdin – $1,000

8th – Alex Brenes – $1,500

7th – Bolivar Polacios – $2,000

6th – Martha Herrera – $3,000

5th – Stephen Thompson – $4,000

4th – Leonardo Emperador – $5,000

3rd – Pavel Naydenov – $7,500

2nd – Helen Prager – $11,000

1st – Rory Cox – $15,000

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