How to Explore the Caribbean

So you want to visit the Caribbean on your next holiday. That’s the general location narrowed down, but which island do you visit – and how do you make sure you leave enough time to enjoy all of the places on your must-see list?


Unless you’re backpacking your way around the Caribbean – and let’s face it, there are much worse places to rough it – you’ll be hard pushed to see and do everything you want to accomplish in a week. You could make a fair go of it but don’t forget, the Caribbean is all about taking it easy too – so why spend your days rushing around when you’re supposed to be on holiday?

One solution lies in Caribbean cruises – and it’s certainly a great way of seeing plenty of sights without exhausting yourself while you’re at it.

So, how do you explore the Caribbean on a cruise? It’s simple. Pick the itinerary and the route that suits you, check out the various tours on offer and make sure you’re familiar with the main sights you want to see. Then kick back and let the destinations come to you. The great thing about a cruise is that you can wake up to a new destination every single morning, and the operator will almost always organise a selection of tours – which is a great way of taking in the various highlights of each new location.


And when you’re back on board heading over to the next gorgeous destination on the list, you can enjoy the chance to relax and let your hair down. Cruise ships are incredibly varied and offer a fantastic range of things to see and do for all ages and preferences. Take Royal Caribbean’s Vision Of The Seas for instance. From soaking in a whirlpool to sunbathing up on deck, working up a sweat in the gym to rock-climbing, or watching the sun go down in the cocktail bar, there’s certainly never a dull moment.

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